Contract Fulfillment

Your on-call specialist resource

It is quite common for System Integrators and Resellers to require AppSense specialists when they are in short demand in house due to other customer demands.

Sabicon can provide short term contract fulfillment to help you serve your customers. Typically Sabicon are called upon to provide assistance on the AppSense component of a wider scale project working alongside your regular consultants.

Terms of engagement can be from a one off engagement for a few days to full scale regular engagments on site. All aspects are covered from design, implementation, documentation through to personalized onsite training.

Design Consultancy

Making projects run smoothly

Sabicon can be contracted to help integrate AppSense products into new or existing Microsoft, Citrix or VMWare infractuctures. Desktop transformations are a speciality of Sabicon with many years of experience with large multi nationals to smaller customer sites.

We will ensure that the high and low level designs meet all of the best practices from AppSense and other vendors to ensure the success of the project whilst mitigating against some of the lesser know pitfalls that are normally missed.

We will provide full documentation of high and low level designs and work with you to ensure all angles are covered.


Working for you

Sabicon also offer implementation contracts to give you hands on AppSense specialist skills during the implementation phase of the project.

Typically a Sabicon consultant would attend site a few days of the week to guide the implementation team, give examples and training with the aim of kick starting the project on the road to success. Tailored contracts can be agreed based upon your requirements and timeframes and may include 2 – 3 weeks onsite to start the project with tailored training with the aim of reducing onsite consultancy as the project matures.

Our goal is to ensure you are left with a working solution and become self sufficient in the new technologies delivered with the project.

Health Checks

The doctor is now available

We are regularily contracted to carry out full health checks on the AppSense component of an installation to ensure that it is designed, implemented and functioning to best practices and customer requirements.

This is normally a 3 – 4 day process where a consultant will carry out full in depth analysis of the servers and configuration installed, highlighting any potential issues to stability, scaleability and performance.

Recommendations to correct any issues are given in a full Health check report. Normally customers would then follow this up consultancy to resolve all issues found in the health check. It is recommended that health checks are performed every 12 – 18 months to ensure the solution is performing optimally and scaling as expected.

Tailored Training

Just the way you want it

Official AppSense training can be costly and impracticle to send valuable IT workers offsite to attend with many customers finding that they only need training on particular aspects of a product with the rest of the course being surplus to requirements.

Sabicon can offer onsite training tailored to your business needs with the AppSense software suite. As a result, your staff can be focus trained on the aspects of AppSense that they “need” to know so increasing knowledge and reducing time and cost. The training can also be tailored to your scenario’s and infrastructure rather than vanilla installations commonly found on public training courses.

Although not an official training course, it is sometimes prefered by customers to focus the training where it is needed, leaving IT support staff to self teach the other areas in their own time or take the official AppSense courses when time allows.