AppSense DesktopNow

AppSense DesktopNow comprises of 3 major products to help you define and secure a users desktop across a multiplatform physical and virtual Microsoft environment as well as ensuring optimum performance of your hosting servers. As a certified Silver partner,

Sabicon can offer competitive rates on AppSense software and renewal purchases as well as offer consultancy packages for all manner of AppSense work required from installations through to training.


Environment Manager can help solve all of your long logon delays as well as help eliminate the common corruption issues that occur in all environments. It utilises a profile streaming technology that delivers what is needed for the user when they actually need it, thus considerably speeding up the logon process as well as offering user defined application profile rollbacks should issues occur.

Combined with the profile streaming technology, Environment Manager has an extremely powerful GUI driven scripting engine with multiple trigger points allowing you to easily create custom logon routines to deliver everything from printers, drive mappings, registry and GPO settings through to custom scripts.

The aim of Environment Manager is to ensure you have the tools to ensure your logons are as quick as possible with the least amount of issues as possible to the end userss.

Application Manager is a unqiue concept in corporate security that works out of the box on day 1 and never needs to be updated. Think of it as a corporate virus checker that never needs to be updated. It uses the concept of trusted ownership of NTFS files and will 100% block all user introduced executables from running on your corporate infrastructure with the minimal of setup.

Application Manager is also the "only" Microsoft authorised software to control device licensing of Microsoft products in an Remote Desktop / Citrix environment and can save you £100k's if you deploy Microsoft products in these environments by allowing you to buy the licenses that you actually consume.

Performance Manager monitors the memory and cpu usage of you WIndows servers and dynamically controls and adjusts the priorities of the processes to ensure that no one application dominates a server and affects other connected users. It is fully controllable and has shown on many occassions to increase the capacity of RDS servers by 20 - 30%

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